Sue Matuski and Edd Clark

To book Sue & Edd's FABULOUS Christmas or for futher information you can contact us at 917-279-5009, or email us at or We look forward to hearing from you.

She’s a little bit jazzy and he’s a little bit legit; she’s a multi-MAC Award winner and he’s a Bistro Award winner; together Sue Matsuki and Edd Clark are ringing in the holiday season! Music Director Paul Stephan has created arrangements for these award winning singers that makes Sue and Edd’s FABULOUS Christmas a celebration of the wonderful music of the Christmas and a perfect way to get into the spirit of the season. If Steve and Eydie had a Christmas show, this would be it!

Sue and Edd’s FABULOUS Christmas is a modular show that we are able to tailor to your particular needs. Need a 10 minute segment to provide entertainment at your holiday party? We can do it. Need an hour and a half show suitable for a cabaret or theater setting we can provide it, and anything in between. The show can be only secular favorites, only sacred, or a combination. The backup can be a single piano, piano/flute, or a 4 piece combo (piano, flute, bass, and drums).

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