Some of the annual holiday shows of the past have dropped away, but new traditions take their place, one of which is SUE & EDD'S FABULOUS CHRISTMAS. I am not alone in being enamored by the fantastic vocals of Sue Matsuki and Edd Clark. Alone or in duet their voices are clear and beautiful.
In addition to great vocals, and a song list of both old and new favorites, this show was blessed with a new song, written by Ms. Matsuki and the show's musical director, Paul Stephan, called "No More Sugar for Christmas." Edd's delivery of "The Gift of the Maggie" has become classic, and once again Sue dismembered her "Pretty Little Dolly." There were fun songs, serious songs, and lots of funny bits between songs - this duo has enough chemistry to win them a spot in the Gilbert Hall of Science!
Stu Hamstra Cabaret Hotline Online
A must have CD for Christmas cheer for years to come! Tell your friends about it... they'll thank you!. Bob Levy

My copy of the CD arrived yesterday...and if you haven't ordered your copy yet, do so this week...and order extras as gifts! Sue & Edd's Fabulous Christmas is a fun, classy slice of holiday entertainment. Pour the eggnog..light the logs in the fireplace and enjoy! You'll see what I mean when you hear this celebration of the season. It's staying on my CD player all month long and it's already in my iPod. Steve Blue Owner; Cabaret Singers list. old friends hanging around the tree, singing favorites at a party...the genial singers would be welcome presences at a party or show celebrating the season!"Though they harmonize espousing holiday happiness, when Sue sings John Meyer's heartbreaking plea for a soon-to-be ex-lover to stay until "After the Holdays" with Edd crooning "I'll be Home for Christmas" in the middle of it all, sounding far sets up an image of held-tight memory or wish for what won't be. Rob Lester

After so many years of performing together, Matsuki and Clark take the measure of each other with musical panache, and their duets were admirably handled. The arrangements, handsomely tailored to the two vocalists and the mood of the show, were created by the musical director and pianist, Paul Stephan.  Peter Leavy, Cabaret Scenes

This show was a full course meal in itself from the very beginning. Sherri Rase, [Q]

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